Children aged 9 and over are welcome to join our Elearning courses.


Children with various levels of Chinese language proficiency are to be placed in appropriate year levels. The focus of Chinese learning in year 4 to 10 will be more specifically on reading and writing skills while speaking skills are improved. Cultural activities will be supplemented during the course of teaching to encourage understanding among people of different backgrounds.


Children in year 6 need achieve level of Chinese language, then receive the Certificate on end of year's ceremony.


Class Hour:  09:00  -- 13:00  (Morning class) Merrylands High School

                    14:00 --  17:00 (Afternoon Class) Strathfield North Public School

                   Every Saturday During N.S.W. School Term


School Fees: Each Term $70 + administration & material.

Graduation Fee:$20 for year 6 students only