Hanyulink Chinese Language School is a national recognised Community Languages Schools.


All our team members have adequate teaching certificates that are recognised by the Australian Education Department. Our teaching team have an extensive network of resources, multimedia teaching experience, and ability to provide the best professional service to our students.


Class Tiem:          Every Saturday of the NSW school term.

Region:      Morning Class 9:30am to 12:30non

                              Greystanes Public School

                              781 Merrylands Road

                              Greystanes N.S.W.  2145

                       Afternoon Class 2:00pm to 5:00pm

                              Strathfield North Public School

                              251 Concord Road 

                              North Strathfield  N.S.W.  2137


Enrolling:      Kindergarten to Year 9 students

Course Curriculum:  

Mandarin & Simplified Chinese.

Professional guidance to sing, dance and Recite.

Extensive network of resources, multimedia teaching.

A Word From the Principal

1st February 2014, the Opening Day of Hanyulink
Chinese Language  School it certainly  was a  moment that we will all savor and enjoy.  It all started as a dream, Hanyulink  envisioned  the dream of establishing a community language and culture educational  institution; a school that would mold and guide future generations of
enlightened minds of their language and heritage. This passion will guide us as we continue to grow.

Our community is one big family united by shared
values and shared aspirations. This would not have been possible to achieve without the help and support of the NSW  Federation of Community Language Schools, in particular the very inspiring Alex Di  Prinzio.  They have guided and allowed us to bring together a community where different  ethnic groups can live, study and word side in harmony.  Australia has always been a place for people of different origins to fulfill their potential, raise families and  secure a bringht future for their next generation.

Therefore, the quality of our teaching team is the
quality of our school, the culture and core values of a teaching team reflects the culture and spirit of a school. We promote  harmony, dedication and win-win for everyone.  The principal  of Hanyulink’s  teaching foundations are centered on combining traditional moral
teachings with modern  teaching skills.  We cultivate our students and honorable behaviors through our core values of love, care, equality, passion, respect, responsiblity and fraternity.  

Hanyulink has a strong emphasis on character
building of its students.  In addition to the regular teaching plan, we also encourage our student to participate in extracurricular activities such as poetry recitation, singing, dancing and sports.  

We will focus on our aim which is to provide the
functions of Chinese language teaching,  developing childrens' knowledge and cultural heritage for new generations and persistently enhance our teaching resources and quality.  We truly believe, as long as we have a  dedicated team aiming for the same goals, anything can be achieved.  Our staff members  of Hanyulink are trying to create a school where all of our student can grow and be successful.  

Finally, we hope our students can make improve-ments, day by day and I also whish Hanyulink Chinese Language School a better and brighter future!